Jr. Board of Directors

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

One of the most meaningful ways Crossroads Bank can strengthen our community is to work with local high school students to give our next generation a boost to better prepare them for their future.

The Crossroads Bank Junior Board of Directors program is a highly innovative program designed to introduce local high school juniors and sophomores to an extensive variety of banking, leadership, and community service opportunities. Through this program, Crossroads Bank strives not only to encourage students to return to the local business community after college, but to strengthen the pipeline of talent for generations to come by offering creative opportunities for students to become capable leaders.

Beginning each September, the Junior Board of Directors participates in monthly meetings at local businesses and not-for-profit locations. This allows students to gain hands-on experience in conducting business meetings and exposes them to a wide range of employment opportunities in Wabash County through high profile speakers from various professions. The students are also introduced to service opportunities within the community which allows them to develop a greater community awareness.

“This program creates leaders,” states Roger Cromer, Crossroads Bank President. “It is one of our long term goals for the Junior Board of Directors program to entice these students to return to Wabash County after college. We’re proud to be part of creating a talented workforce and attracting the next generation of new businesses to our community.”

Jr. Board of Directors Application

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