Digital Banking

Convenient business banking on your schedule

On any given day, there are tons of things your business needs to keep moving forward – and your banking is a necessary piece of that. That’s why at Crossroads Bank, we deliver a variety of digital banking options so you can easily manage your accounts from nearly anywhere. Secure and simple, digital banking with Crossroads saves your business time and money.

Digital Banking/Cash Management

Convenience and simplicity at your fingertips. With secure 24-hour access you can check account balances, see which checks have cleared, transfer funds, generate transaction history reports, and download statements. You can even pay all of your bills from our convenient business app or from one simple site.

  • 24-hour access to your accounts
  • View transaction details
  • Transfer funds
  • E-Statements
  • Full suite of additional cash management services available

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Safe, efficient and economical – Remote Deposit Capture makes it easy to deposit checks without even leaving your office! Use a desktop scanner to capture the front and back of the check – checks are then automatically totaled, balanced, and a virtual electronic deposit slip is prepared for your approval. Check images are automatically sent to Crossroads Bank and deposited into your chosen account(s). Benefits of RDC include:

  • Convenient – prepare and submit deposits from your office any time you want!*
  • Safe – Faster processing time minimizes the risk of fraud
  • Efficient – No more trips to the bank, filling out deposit slips, or endorsing checks
  • Fast – No need to wait for that next trip to the bank, with RDC you can deposit checks immediately
  • Organized – Future reference of deposited checks is easy with access to electronic storage of your imaged checks

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Using Automated Clearing House (ACH) services can increase productivity for you and your employees, as well as ease payday stress. Files can be transmitted from a variety of payroll/accounts payable software, eliminating the need to make duplicate entries. Services are all digital-based, making it easy, fast and affordable**. With ACH, you can perform the following applications:

  • Cash Concentration/Disbursement – Move money between your Crossroads Bank accounts and accounts you may have at other financial institutions
  • Payroll Direct Deposit – Payroll deposits can be made automatically into your employees’ bank accounts. A time saver for you and your employees!
  • Consumer Collections – With authorization from your customers, payments can be automatically deducted from their bank account for membership dues, premiums, rent, charitable donations, and more, thus saving your consumers time and postage
  • Consumer Payments – Make payments to your qualified vendors using ACH
  • State & Federal Tax Payments – For many types of tax payments, ACH is now required. Using ACH services from Crossroads Bank, you can control when your payment is sent

Merchant Services

Credit and debit cards are a go-to source for making payments for most people. Give your business the ability to accept card payments and get better cash flow potential for your business and greater convenience for your customers. We have excellent options available for offering VISA/MasterCard payment options.


E-statements let you save time and paper. Securely access your statements anytime through your online banking account. Need help setting up E-Statements? View our step-by-step instructions. Take convenience for your business to a whole new level. Contact Us

*Deposits must be made by 2 p.m. to be accepted on same business day. ** ACH costs $50 per month for the service. This includes the first 100 transactions. $0.10 per transaction over 100.