Mobile Banking frequently asked questions

Want to know more about how Mobile Banking works? Read our FAQs to find out. And if you have additional questions, give us a call or stop in and we'll be glad to help get you mobile!

Is there a cost to use the Crossroads Bank Mobile Banking App?

There is no cost from the Bank to use our Mobile Banking App. Regular transaction fees associated with your Crossroads Bank account(s) will apply. There may be data costs related to accessing the Crossroads Bank Mobile App from your mobile device. Please check your wireless plan or verify with your wireless carrier.

What activities can I perform in mobile banking?

View account balance, transfer funds and deposit checks with the mobile deposit feature. This feature allows you to take a picture of your check and deposit it remotely into your account.

Are my login credentials the same for Mobile Banking as Online Banking?

Yes, you will use the same credentials used for Online Banking to access your accounts through the Crossroads Bank Mobile Banking App.

What equipment do I need to access the Crossroads Bank Mobile Banking App?

You will need an Internet-enabled Apple, Android or Windows mobile device.

Where can I find the Crossroads Bank Mobile Banking App?

Our app is free to download in the Apple App Store (Apple devices), Windows Store (Windows devices) and Google Play Store (Android devices).

How do I register for Mobile Banking?

Once you download the app and you’re enrolled in Online Banking, simply enter your username and password to log in to your accounts. If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking, sign up here.

What accounts are available in Mobile Banking?

You will have access to the same accounts you have through Online Banking. These can include both deposit and loan accounts.

Can I deposit a money order through mobile deposit?

Money orders can only be deposited in person at a branch.

I am enrolled in Bill Pay. Can I pay bills with the Mobile Banking App?

Bill Pay is not currently available on the Crossroads Bank Mobile Banking App.

How secure is the Mobile Banking App?

The same security features and industry standards we utilize for Online Banking also apply to Mobile Banking. Crossroads Bank uses industry standard practices to maintain the privacy and security of your information so you can feel safe using our Mobile Banking App no matter where you are.

How can I protect my security and privacy?

Your security and privacy is of utmost importance to us. In addition to our security protocols, you can also take steps to protect your information:

  • Always protect passwords – they are the “keys” to accessing your Online and Mobile Banking accounts. Do not share or write down your passwords.
  • Do not create passwords with general personal information such as address, birthday, social security number or information of a close friend or family member. Be original with your passwords.
  • Never leave your mobile device unattended while signed-in to the Crossroads Bank Mobile App.
  • Apply password protection to your mobile device.
  • Contact the bank immediately if your device is lost or stolen.
Launching the application and registering your device
  • Tap the Launcher Icon on the device screen
  • Splash page will appear while the app is being launched
  • Register your device by entering your Online Banking username in the Online ID field
  • A security question will be presented
  • Any disclosures, terms of service, policies or agreements will display. You will be prompted to read and accept before you can proceed with registration
Navigating the Mobile Banking App

You will be able to view available balance, recent transactions, and year-to-date interest. Navigate to other accounts as shown depending on your device:

  • Slide to navigate between accounts.
  • Tap a transaction for the transaction detail window
  • Tap back to move back to the account
Mobile Deposit

You can deposit a check from your mobile device without visiting the bank!

  • The back of the check needs to be endorsed: For mobile deposit - Crossroads Bank and your signature
  • Click the camera icon
  • This will prompt you to choose the account where you would like to deposit the check
  • You will then enter the amount of the check
  • You will be asked to take a picture of the front and back of the check
  • If the quality is good, you will receive confirmation of the deposit
  • There may be a delay for use of funds
  • Properly dispose of item (shred) after 60 days
Transfer Funds

Use this option to transfer funds between accounts or make loan payments. Within this menu you can also add, modify or delete a scheduled transfer in addition to processing an immediate transfer.

  • Tap the Transfer icon from the account page or click Move Money in the main menu
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Tap the account you would like the funds transferred from and to
  • Select the transfer date and frequency (If frequency is greater than “Single” enter the # of times you would like the transfer to occur)
  • Type a memo if desired and tap Continue
  • Confirm the transfer
Locate ATM or branch locations

The locator allows you to view a map of surrounding areas. ATM and branch locations are available as icons or pins depending on your mobile device.

  • Go to Main Menu and click Locations
  • You may be prompted to allow the app to use the location of your device (the GPS locator on your device). Answer Yes or No
  • Tap the icon for any ATM or branch location to view more detailed information
  • Tap “List” to view our nearest branch/ATM locations
  • Tap “Zip” to enter a zip code radius search
  • Tap the back button to clear the location and return to the map
Change account holder settings

This allows you to set several parameters for the app, including the number of days to look back in transaction history, and the number of minutes to stay logged in. In addition, you can set whether the username is saved in the login screen or if you would rather enter the User ID each time you login. The functionality is the same between Android, iOS, and the Windows Operating systems, however, the buttons are displayed differently.

  • Navigate to the Settings area through the Main Menu
  • Slide the navigation bar back and forth to increase and decrease the number of days in the Transaction History setting
  • Slide the navigation bar back and forth to increase and decrease the Stay Logged in time setting
  • Tap the User ID not saved/User ID saved icon to toggle between whether the username will be remembered when logging in